Choose “Selfcare” over “Selfsabotage”

There are automatic thoughts that block us. This leads us too chose the same dysfunctionnal situations, like running in a cage. Even though we do not think to look back at the past, future is often the re-creation of the same schemas… until you choose to discard.

Why Annecy is also always a good idea

The lake was formed at the end of the Glaciation, during a period around -17000 before JC. Savoie Mont Blanc is by far the first French destination for winter mountain tourism, bringing together about 30% of the market(the Hautes-Alpes are behind with only 8%). It is also a great destination for the summer. Lake Annecy is full of activities for children and adults.

Why I don’t want to make Disney a must

Independence is therefore associated with cruelty, ugliness, and marginality. If you are independent, you will live in a wood. Even in the (quite) recent “FROZEN” (la reine des neiges in french), we can heard this sentence : “you can’t marry a man you just met”, and then Anna the heroin discovers that the charming prince didn’t like her, but like her kingdom, let’s say her money or her power.

The Perfect City Stroller

As I am often on the run, I was looking for a lightweight and compact one, that I can bring in TGV, metro and Airplanes. Perfect for city life If you follow me on Instragram you know I have purchased the YOYO BABYZEN STROLLER in pink. I am very happy of it. As I amContinue reading “The Perfect City Stroller”