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Hi, I’m a french working mum, 31 years old. This is the new version of my blog. You will find here posts on social issues but also pinky stuff like tips, good plans.

I don t really have a classic vision of life, I do a lot of things. I became a lawyer just before I was 25 and until I was 31, in business law. I stopped because I felt I was suffocating. I don’t like being locked in a role (even if it was reassuring to have one). Now I have created a company in legaltech. I also try to help others to create their project, and build the life they dream of. I like moving a lot and I love airports and TGV for their feeling of freedom. I write a lot. I speak fluent english (but my accent is shit) and of course french. I’m learning Italian and trying to get back to Spanish. I don’t really like sport but I do it to manage stress as I am anxious…I love freak literature & fairytales. Anyway, all that to say my brain is boiling most of the times. I also take distance psychology lessons, just for the fun. I love entrepreneurship, writing, art and travels. I believe in Life and Love with capital letters.



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